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A Spotlight on Biomedical HIV Prevention: 5th BHPF

To achieve Africa free of New HIV infections (AfNHi)’s vision of ending new HIV infections in Africa, the Biomedical HIV Prevention Forum will mobilise scientific knowledge and build bridges between science and policy. In addition to mapping potential for collaborative national and regional activities within the AfNHi network, the forum will strengthen connections between policy and research through information exchange with HIV prevention advocates.

The Biennial Forum is an official pre-conference of the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA). The BHPF in 2021 is the fifth such event, following the successful events hosted in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019

  • Zoom Webinar Virtual Forum
  • 06 December 2021 Registration is free
  • 10 countries + Register and Confirm your Seat
  • 10+ Speakers Popular Speakers Attend Here


BHPF is organised by AfNHi in collaboration with WACI Health, Microbicides Advocacy society (NHVMAS), AVAC Frontline AIDS, AHF, Rwanda NGO Forum for HIV and AIDS, HVTN, NHVMAS, SAA, GNP+, IPM, APHA and IAVI.


06 December 12:25pm - 3:00pm (CAT)

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Mini BHPF events

Three (3) countries, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe and Rwanda will be hosting a mini BHPF in their countries ahead of the 2021 preconference. The same countries will receive support from the BHPF for implementation of HIV prevention research advocacy activities in the lead up to the preconference in 2023.

Thematic Areas:

  1. The science: What’s new, what’s working, what’s not, best practices
  2. Demand: Strengthening African-led prevention research advocacy
  3. Investments: Scaling up domestic resources for health and HIV research in Africa

2.1 Objectives

  1. Build knowledge amongst health and HIV advocates on current biomedical HIV prevention research
  2. Build momentum for advocacy for increased domestic resources for Health and HIV prevention research in Africa

Strengthen advocacy for biomedical HIV prevention research in Africa

    • Expected Outcomes

BHPF is a catalyst for strengthening advocacy for biomedical HIV prevention research in Africa. Discussions and recommendations shall be synthesized into an outcome document, which shall offer insights into various products, including: an advocacy agenda targeting various stakeholders, policy brief(s), and action plan.